Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Days

The weather last weekend was beautiful! Since Kaden finally seemed fully recovered from his little Spring cold, we headed out to a new park for a little fun and exploration. As you can see, Kaden had a great time.

Back at home on the ranch . . . Kaden has NOT forgotten bubbles.

He has a toy chest in the corner of our livingroom that he routinely plunders in search of just the right toy. One of these days he's gonna fall in. Head first. He'd probably be in heaven . . .

Friday, May 14, 2010


Kaden's new favorite thing? BUBBLES! He prefers to bask in them rather than pop them. Since I think it's the cutest thing in the world our living room is quickly becoming a bubble factory.

Unfortunately, Kaden and I have been battling colds for the past week so he hasn't been operating at 100 percent but he's not one to let a silly little cold keep him down. He's been all over the house, opening and closing every door and cabinet. He gets a real kick out of it and gives the most adorable giggle every time you say "open" or "close".

In spite of his cold, Kaden has been doing really well. He's really coming into himself and seeming more like a big boy everyday. And though I'm still a bit sick myself, I'm managing to savor and enjoy every moment of this precious time with my amazing little man.

Bubbles, anyone?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Walking on Sunshine!

April was a great month. It was filled to the brim with therapies and doctor appointments (sometimes two per day) but we also got in lots of sunshine, smiles and progress.

Kaden and his daddy gave me a Flip Camcorder for my birthday. I'm still learning how to use it but if I've done everything right you should be able to see my little cutie pie practice his walk during PT last week. He's worked so hard lately and I just couldn't be any more proud of him.

A few other highlights from April:

(1) Kaden gained a whole pound in six weeks. This might not seem like rapid weight gain to most but, believe me, for Kaden it's warp speed. He actually seems to be enjoying food a little more these days. He went to town on a baked potato and sliced avocado the other day and I've even managed to sneak some (vegetarian) baked beans into him. Hallelujah!

(2) Kaden's scoliosis has not progressed at all in the past 5 months. The orthopedic surgeon who follows him was extremely pleased and told us that he doesn't need a follow up x-ray for another 6 months. Double Hallelujah!

I'm feeling a great summer coming . . .