Sunday, November 16, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Surgery

Tomorrow is the big day and we're feeling far more nervous than expected. It's one thing to know a surgery is necessary and that the doctors have performed it on hundreds of other infants, but it's another thing entirely to imagine handing over your own barely five month old baby to anyone for anesthesia or surgery. Dr. Cutting told us we can expect the surgery to last six hours. In other words, an eternity.

Let me just say for the record something that I hope Kaden will know deep within his heart as he grows up . . . he was, is and always will be absolutely perfect to his mother and father in every way. This surgery is for him and not for us. We'll miss his wide smile and the beautiful face that he was born with and we'll carry it in our hearts forever. We love you so much, Kaden.

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