Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Time at the Beach

Kaden loves to spend family time at the beach. The best part is that his smiles and giggles are totally contagious. See for yourself . . .

Not only does Kaden look adorable in madras plaid, he apparently finds it hilarious because he laughed his face off the whole afternoon that he wore it. The pictures of him and me above were taken at a restaurant where I was helping Kaden bang his hands on the table to demand a sippy cup of iced tea, his new favorite drink.
From catching waves to playing in the sand to lounging under a tent with daddy, Kaden thoroughly enjoyed the beach.

And the park that just happened to be a few blocks from our hotel.
I think we may just have ourselves a new family tradition.


Lia said...

Love the giggly pictures. I can hear you saying, "I want some iced tea!"

Joy Howse said...

I am so far behind on blogging, and even farther behind on reading. I can not believe how big Kaden has gotten. LOVE the giggling pictures!! So contagious!