Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Little Boy Loves the Fall!

Kaden took his very first trip to a pumpkin patch today. Although it was an unseasonably warm and blindingly sunny day, Kaden got right into the Halloween spirit. He picked out the perfect pumpkin and giggled his way through his first hayride.

After a long hot summer of sharing local parks with older kids on summer break from school, Kaden seems blissfully happy to have the now empty parks virtually all to himself again. I think slides are still his favorite but swings are definitely starting to grow on him . . .

And, well, as usual Kaden has lots of doctor and therapy appointments to keep him busy nearly every day of the week. He's seizing the opportunity to show off all his new Fall clothes.
Here's a picture of him waiting to see his opthamologist. The glasses the doctor is planning to prescribe (in a few months, when he's a little more mature) will really complete the look, don't you think?

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Melissa Bonfiglio said...

Love the pumpkin patch and the fall clothes picture! Kira loves slides and swings too -- I'm pretty sure she could swing for hours if I could push her for that long.