Sunday, April 3, 2011

HAPPY!!! And VERY, VERY tired!

Beautiful little Sydney was born almost 5 weeks ago. Like her brother, she is an angel and absolutely perfect in every way. As you might expect, there's very little sleep going on in our house these days. Sydney is an enthusiastic eater who demands to be fed every 2-3 hours. She loves to be held and has tons of personality for such a wee little girl. Simply adorable. And exhausting. Since the circuits in my sleep deprived brain are still not firing as they should, this post will be light on text and heavy on pictures.
Sydney's favorite pose: sleeping on mommy or daddy

She already has a friend

Have you ever seen such pouty lips?

And how has Kaden taken to big brotherhood? Well, let's just say it's a work in progress. He's not yet sure what to make of Sydney and seems to get a little upset about sharing the spotlight but he's coming around.

So long as we carve out extra special time just for him, he's happy, especially since playground season has just about returned.

One great thing so far is that he knows he's the big boy and not the baby and that has sparked lots of developmental progress.

His amazingly joyful spirit makes even the most exhausting day wonderful.

We are so lucky . . .


Melissa said...

Loved all the pictures!! Sydney is absolutely beautiful and Kaden looks like such a big boy. Hoping for a little more sleep for mom soon too!!

Anonymous said...

Two beautiful little wonderfuls. Been thinking of you and wondering how its going :o)


marie clare said...

So Wonderful! Congratulations! Shes beautiful!