Saturday, June 11, 2011

Almost-Birthday Fun at the Beach

Kaden is almost 3 years old. Although his actual birthday is still a few days away, we kicked off his birthday month with a family trip to the beach.Kaden is a huge fan of the ocean. He was super excited to kick around in the surf with daddy even though the water is still freezing cold this time of year.

He tries to grab for the water as it rolls away from his feet. So adorable.

He played in the sand with daddy . . .

And then sang songs and shared giggles with mommy.

And how did Sydney enjoy her first trip to the beach?

I think its safe to say the sand and surf really tire her out.

We had a great time and can't wait to do it again next year!


Melissa said...

What a fun trip! Oh, and come to Virginia Beach next year, the water is pretty warm here in June. :-)

Lia said...

I love that Kaden is such a beach baby! What a sweet birthday tradition.

And Sydney?! Those chunky little legs ... I just want to eat her up!

Anita, you look fantastic. All tanned and relaxed, right at home on the beach.

Can't wait to see you guys!