Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sydney's 11 Months Old

Sydney is now just one (very) short month away from her first birthday. Here's a look at what our big girl is up to these days . . .
Sydney likes to eat. She's still feeling things out with solids but, let me tell you, we've already got a cookie monster on our hands. I made the mistake of trying to pull that cookie back a bit so she could chew the piece she had in her mouth and, well, I think the whole neighborhood probably heard her scream in protest.

She likes to sleep but doesn't get nearly enough of it. She flat out refuses to nap much of the time because she doesn't want to miss ANYTHING. She gets so tired that she sometimes nods off while sitting up and then startles awake as if to say, "nope, I'm up." To make matters worse, after many months of sleeping soundly through the night she's recently hit a rough spell with teething. Nearly six teeth are breaking through at once. But she's a toughie. She gets through it and remains happy and playful most of the time.

Kaden is her hero. She absolutely adores him. If Kaden laughs, Sydney laughs. If Kaden wants to read a book or play with a toy, Sydney wants to do the same. Kaden's latest passion is dinosaurs. Sydney just so happens to LOVE dinosaurs too! What a great coincidence ;)

She's a sweet, beautiful, spirited little one who keeps us on our toes.

We love you, precious girl. T minus 29 days to your birthday . . .

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Melissa said...

She is beautiful and so big! I love our spirited daughters. Hope to see you guys soon.