Friday, October 5, 2012

Sweet Silly Sydney

This little girl LOVES LOVES LOVES to laugh and play. She's silly, sweet, daring, inventive, curious and just about a million different kinds of cute.
At 19 months old, Sydney is a jokester. She currently loves to pretend that various toys are hats. For example, her latest trick is putting a bucket on her head and marching around like a robot or putting it on my head and saying "haht" with a sly smile that says "I know it's not really a hat, mommy, but isn't that SOOO funny?" Yes, my sweet girl, you are so very, very funny.
And by the way, my angel, you so ROCK a hat!
Sydney's other big pastime is eating.  She's a food lover.  Her current favorite breakfast is french toast sticks and yogurt.  As you can see, she savors every bite. It's adorable to watch.
Not even a rainy day can bring this little one down. She recently passed time on a dreary day eating snacks and watching the rain, no doubt plotting her next trip to the playground.
You're a non-stop ray of sunshine, Syd, and I am so, so incredibly lucky to be your mama. 

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