Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sydney Speak

Okay, so I've heard that toddlers can go through a language explosion but I've never seen it for myself so I can't say I understood how suddenly or intensely it could happen. Well, holy cow, let me tell you, this little girl is absolutely busting at the seams with new words and phrases.  It's so adorable. I wish there was a way to train my brain to remember every detail of what and how she says things. Since there's not, let me share some for posterity . . .
During our long car trip to Florida, Sydney practiced the ABC song.  About 1000 times (though it felt more like a million).  She's got almost every letter down except L-M-N-O sounds a little fuzzy like she thinks it's one big letter she doesn't quite know how to pronounce. She also pronounces the letter 'R' as "or-ah" (similarly, the number '4' is "foo-wah") - who knew a New York accent was innate? But the absolute cutest thing about her Alphabet Song is the letter 'W' which she pronounces "double-boo."  I can't help myself from going up to her several times a day and saying "Q-R-S-T-U-V" just to hear her say "double-boo-X-Y-Z" and give me a big smile.
Over the past few days, Sydney's taken to saying "I yike (like) it" and it's really funny because the context in which she says it leads me to believe that what she actually means is "I want it." For example, she'll come up to me when I'm eating something she's never seen before much less tasted and say "I yike it" as she reaches out for me to give her some. For some reason, it's so much harder to refuse when she frames it her way.  Clever, clever girl.
She likes to punctuate everything with "WOW!" or "YAY!" And she LOVES to sing!  Not just the Alphabet Song but also Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star and Jingle Bells and the Hot-Dog Song from Mickey's Clubhouse. She's got an indomitable spirit. 

I love this little girl so much.

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