Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

2 Years Old!! It takes my breath away.  My baby is a big girl! A sweet, smart, funny, quirky, strong and beautiful little lady . . .
And despite a very sleepless night before (we've all been pretty sick recently but that's a story for another time), she woke up happy and ready to celebrate turning TWO.
Minnie and Daisy joined the celebration . . .
And Sydney got her princess on . . .


She had a really great day of love and smiles and fun and presents. And when daddy got home it was time to get dressed up in her brand new patent leather "birday shoohs" that she LOVES and has been practicing wearing for a week.  Ready to party!
(a few side notes about this pic - as much as I would love to put a pretty barrette in her hair or put it in pigtails or basically anything other than having it all down in her face - Sydney is NOT havin' it. She's really very unequivocal about it. Another thing she's unequivocal about: pacifiers.  She's not ready to let go.  Do you see the death grip she has on that back-up paci? Oh, my sweet girl!)

Happy Birthday, Sydney Belle! We love you, Sweetpea! 

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