Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Update

I'm really trying hard to remember that it's officially Spring because it still feels like winter -- temperatures in the 30s and coughs/sniffles that we just can't shake.  I've neglected the blog but with good reason, our home has been a non-stop infirmary for well over a month. It's been Survival-Mode City here, folks.  But that doesn't mean we've not had fun and smiles and milestones.

I think it's time for a photo recap:

So, yeah, there's been lots of this . . .

But even these shots are related to big milestones. Kaden has successfully transitioned to his first big boy bed. It's a twin with lots of pillows and plush jersey and velour linens so he gets enough sensory input to feel relaxed, comfy and cozy. He loves it. And we love being able to take turns snuggling up in bed with him. As for Sydney, she's learning to express herself so well.  When she gets congested she says "I sickie inna face."  I kid you not.  Whole sentences brimming with her own unique way of putting things. It's so, so adorable. Another gem is that she's taken to saying "thanks much" instead of "thank you."  Where did she get that?

And when everyone was feeling a little better, we got a little of this . . .

Did I mention the tooth fairy's been visiting us lately? Kaden lost his two bottom front teeth (another one has gone since this photo was taken). They were the first teeth that grew in at around 6 or 7 months old and they were the first ones to go to make room for his adult teeth.  My gosh, it's all going by so fast!
Kaden's starting to look so grown up . . .

And so, so much like his daddy.
Aside from getting sick a few times, he's doing really great with school.  He's doing far more independent walking and just seems more engaged with others and the environment. He also seems to be gaining confidence and more willingness to try things that are hard for him.  We've seen lots of really joyful smiles on his face lately and that, my friend, is awesome.
Sydney is also learning so many new things . . .

like feeding herself (she absolutely insists);
brushing her teeth (still not a favorite);
and even starting to practice (clothes on) with the potty.
And have I ever mentioned what a character she is?

So, despite a rough month, we're still happy and smiling.


Lia, Joe's mama said...

Oh, your babies are getting so grown-up! Love the big-boy bed and Sydney's comedy. Hope you all are enjoying the snow and headed for a healthy spring! xoxo

Melissa said...

So many great pics and so many milestones! Kaden does looks exactly like his daddy and I love, love, love Sydney's "sickie inna face" comment. So glad to hear that school is going so well.